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TOSS competition

!!! Don't forget to register before the 4th of April !!!

We are participating for the first time this year to the TOSS competition, a mutiple sports tournament reuniting thousands of students from french and international universities to compete in sports near Paris. 

Thanks to the previous pre-registration form, we started to create teams so the sports we are proposing are the ones where enough people registered. If you want to participate in another sport than the ones proposed, contact the sports department and they will try to organise a solution.

To finalise your registration to the TOSS there is only two steps remaining : buy your ticket and fill in the form below.

Tickets include the participation, accomodation, food and transportation fees. We have managed to decrease the price to 50€ for you which is approximately half of the general price. 

When you are buying your ticket, don't forget to select your sport. There is a limited number of places for each one so if you cannot find yours, contact the sports department. 

Please only fill the form if you have bought your ticket and don't forget to fill the form once you bought your ticket to complete your registration. 

/!\ 100% repay in case of cancellation /!\

Step 1 : buy your ticket

Step 2 : fill in the form

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