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 Take your ticket for a journey to the Wild Wild West !
And find yourself spending the most incredible weekend of your Student Life : the WEI !!

 The Program:
three full days, all inclusive, to have the best time with your friends and meet new ones.
The weekend starts with a bus ride from LUNEX on 
18th of May night and ends on Sunday 21st of May.
But where is it ?  You will have to wait until the last moment to discover where we are going !
The destination is a secret until we get there...

Winter Semester 2022 and Summer Semester 2023 newbies, this will be your chance to finalize your integration in the LUNEX family.  Be careful, there will be a
limited number of places available for each cohort so be quick if you really want to come !
(see the end if you are an Alumni or Pre-Bachelor Student)

The total cost for the weekend is 270€/ student, we fixed the price of your tickets at 80€ and we (the LSU) are taking in charge the rest. The bus travel, the food, the drinks, the accommodation, the activities, special merch (pack WEI) and other surprises for 72 hours are 100% included in the price. By buying a ticket, you will agree to respect the rules of the WEI and to provide a 50€ deposit that will be given back to you at the end of the week-end (if you don't damage anything).

Come back here on Monday, April 3rd at 2pm to get your ticket. The sale ends on April 16th 11pm ! Make sure to get your ticket as soon as you can.
April 17th,

NO ALUMNI or PRE-BACHELOR STUDENTS are able to buy a ticket. If we have some left, the sale will be open to other students/ cohorts.

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